TTC 1999

TTC nv was established in 1999. The transport firm came into being further to a management buy-out involving Belgium’s largest electrical engineering distributor, which meant that the necessary experience in distribution and logistics was already in place. When it was first established, the firm had around 20 staff and 12 trucks. TTC became operational on 1 July 1999 and in the first six months recorded a turnover of BEF 35 million.

Takeover of seven staff and seven vehicles from Unitra, which previously took care of the deliveries of the Belgian branch of Technische Unie, wholesaler in technical installation equipment for the construction sector and industry.

Start of diversification with transport for two other customers.

Takeover of BOVIC transport with around 20 staff and 15 trucks.

Continued diversification, from providing transport services for about eight customers in 2005 to around 20 customers in 2007. Turnover in 2007: € 4.3 million.

At the start of 2008, daily processing of approx. 5,000 packages to around 1,200 addresses. Turnover in 2012: € 6.2 million.

TTC 2014

TTC moved from Burcht to its current location in Kasteleinsstraat, Kruibeke. 2014 also saw the takeover of the goodwill of HIGH QUALITY, the distribution division of the firm GOSSELIN with around 20 staff and 15 trucks.

Logo High Quality

TTC 2017

Takeover of transport company Corman & Califice in Welkenraedt with 10 staff and eight trucks. C&C provides dedicated distribution transport services for a limited number of clients. Welkenraedt serves as a transshipment hub for our distribution activities in the Liège area.

Takeover of WAASTRANS in Bornem with about 25 staff and 20 trucks. WAASTRANS also provides dedicated distribution transport services for a limited number of clients and is to be brought in to assist TTC during peak periods.

TTC 2017

TTC 2018

Takeover of LIS transport with around 40 staff and 30 trucks.

After a series of takeovers, the time had come to consolidate. A merger took place between the operating companies. Further operational consolidation and the creation of synergies between the companies are the next priorities. Work is also underway on a far-reaching corporate identity, turning the spotlight more on TTC as a brand.

Over the next few years, we will focus on organic growth rather than growth through takeovers. With this organic growth, the emphasis is on the electrical engineering market, which is close to our base. Our mission is to provide high-quality customised services for a limited number of customers.

In 2020 a turnover of +/- € 24 million was recorded with around 250 permanent staff.

TTC 2021

TTC won the coveted title of Transporter of the Year, presented at the end of the Transport & Logistics Awards 2021. We would like to thank all our customers and suppliers. Together, we live up to this title every day!

TTC 2022

TTC nam eind 2022 de firma D’Eer over. Hierbij voegt de Transporteur van het Jaar 2021 containertransport toe aan zijn portfolio.

TTC neemt de verschillende bedrijven van de D’Eer groep (D’Eer Trans, D’Eer Transport & Services en D’Eer Trans.be) over, evenals het wagenpark, het personeel (een 60-tal medewerkers) en het vastgoed. D’Eer is hoofdzakelijk gespecialiseerd in nationale en internationale containertransporten.

We kozen resoluut om in te zetten op continuïteit van hun activiteiten en onze uitbreidingplannen te Kruibeke ‘on hold’ te zetten.